Fashion Designer: Chris Benz

I am really excited for Fall 2011.  I love that Fall 2011 is inspired by the 70’s. My favorite collection from Fashion Week Fall Collection is Chris Benz.

I am just in love with the colors, the texture, all of it. To see his whole line you can follow this link here.

Here are five of my favorites (trust me there is more favorites).

I am loving the hat on these pieces. I really want one. I look good in hats but I am not sure how I look in big hats. Maybe we shall see someday.

Some of his pieces has fur. Now I am not a super big fan of fur, but I do not dislike fur either.  Chris Benz makes the fur look great in my opinion. Hopefully it is fake fur, but let’s be honest, it is probably is real fur.

I think one of my favorite things about the 70’s is the wide legged pants. I personally can not rock the skinny jeans. I have too many curves on my body and I not skinny by any means, so loving wide legged pants comes natural.

You should check out more of Chris Benz collections, he really knows how to create a look.

Chris Benz website


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