More Books

Yesterday I went to the bookstore to buy a cover for the Nook I just recently purchased. So far I love it, however I do wish I had a Nookcolor. I don’t feel to bad about not getting it, since currently none of the sewing books I want are available at  BnN nook bookstore. They are some on Kobo, which happens to be installed on my iPhone.

Anyway, I found the Nook cover that I wanted and I knew I should have walked straight to the check-out counter, but Noooo. I had to walk over the Art/Craft section. I ended up buying Naoki Watanabe’s Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques book.

I was trying to decided between this book and Nina Chakrabarti’s My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating & Dreaming.

I decided on Naoki Watanabe’s book in the end, mainly because I don’t know how soon I would use Nina’s book. I still plan on getting this book. I think it will be a great way to get my creative juices going. There are so many books I want to buy regarding sewing and fashion. I might have to just convert all my literary books to digital files or just get another bookshelf devoted to Sewing and Fashion.

Soon, I will post a section dedicated to my sewing and fashion books. I might at some commentary to each book. Hang tight.

Is there anyone else addicted to buy sewing/fashion books?


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