Winning Garment

With less than a month away to start making the garment I will be using for Pattern Review’s “Knock-Off Contest -2011”, I believe it is time for me to start drafting the pattern. The month of the contest is no time for me to be figuring out drafting the garment. The first thing is picking which garment to Knock-Off. I asked several of my friends and associates which one they would like to see me Knock- Off and the winning garment is the Panic Dress.

I am not  sold like everyone else on the Panic Dress. Don’t get  me wrong I still like the dress. However, anything that does not separate my thighs from each other is no fun wearing.  But fair is fair and most people voted for the Panic Dress, therefore I will be making the Panic Dress. My teacher thinks it is probably the easiest to make out of all the garments. So thanks guys for picking the easy project. 😀

I really fell in love with the Rocket Top, it would look perfect on my body. Also the Neutron Pants are just awesome pants to have. I hope to make those other garments in the future. I can’t afford Dogstar pricing, but I’ll make the time to get those looks for myself.

Okay, back to the Panic Dress… Well there is two ways I can approach starting this project. I can A.) Look all over the internet in hopes that I find a pattern similar to the dress or B.)  I can draft it from scratch. I decided that I would search the internet for a similar dress first and if I come up short I would just make the dress from scratch.

I got lucky and found this New Look pattern that is fairly close to the Panic Dress. An extra bonus is that the Recommended fabrics are fabrics I would used to make the Panic Dress, and probably what the original was made out of. So now I am more exciting to do this.

New Look 6779

Looks like sewing will take over my life this year. I have at least 1 blouse to complete by June, the Knock-Off contest and also I am designing and constructing an outfit for my friend Melissa.  I also want to make stuff for my living room, like pillows and such. Gotta stay busy.


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