Books and Things

This month, I’ve been book shopping crazy. I love buying craft and sewing books, great references to have on hand when you get stuck on a project.  They are also great for inspiration. I have 4 new books and I am excited to dig through them.

In the mail today, I received a book called ‘Nancy’s Favorite 101 Notions,’ it is by Nancy Zieman. I won it from a BurdaStyle Contest back in either January or February. It’s a cute book, I hope to find some new notions. It would also be nice to know what some things are used for that I have come across at the fabric store. Like a Wood Wedge Iron.

This weekend, I went to Borders and I left with two fashion related books for myself. They are not really about sewing but more geared toward fashion design.

The first book I purchase is ‘200 Projects To Get You Into Fashion Design’ by Tracy Fitzgerald and Adrian Grandon. I have not  gotten a chance to look through this book fully, but the first couple of projects are super basic. Workout 1: Choosing a Sketchbook. As a former Fine Art Student, I have a bunch of Sketchbooks around the apartment. The questions for me is, should I use a new one or should I just use one of my old sketchbooks? If I do get a new one, what size should I get? I might just use an old sketchbook, so there is less things to consider. I do want to buy a book for just fabric samples. Okay back on topic! The book looks like it will be a fun book. Of course I will post the projects I complete up on the blog.

The second book that I purchase is ‘Essential Fashion Illustration’ by Maite Lafuente. I got through the whole book over the weekend. It is mostly  illustrations and some text. I just need to sit down and practice some of the illustrations in the books. I think I want to start off with experimenting with watercolors. Using watercolors for Fashion Illustration looks really nice. I want to try to stir away from using pencils, I need to be more free with my drawings. I would also love to do some marker illustrations.  I really should master using markers as a medium.

The book is also very useful on how to draw the human form and poses.

Okay finally, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a book called Pattern Magic 2. I don’t own the first Pattern Magic book, but I like the designs of the second one better. After scanning over the book and talking to some classmates. I think I should purchase the first book as well. Looking at the first project, I am already confused. The problem might also just be in the translation.

I still would love to try out something from this book.

So far on the poll front regarding what garment I should knock off.

3 votes for the Panic Dress

1 vote for panic top + Neutron pants

1 vote for the Rocket top

1 vote for Juno Singlet + Mutiny pants

I am leaning towards the Rocket top. I think I would look great on my figure. We’ll see.


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