Run Lola Run



Finally, I jumped on-board the Victory Pattern’s Lola love train. Why on earth did I take so long? Yeah, I don’t know either.

You all know by now that I went to NYC last month. Once my trip was confirmed, I knew that I wanted to make a dress for that trip and I want to make sure I was going to be warm too. This dress, in this fabric was perfect for the job.

This fabric is an amazing, super cozy. I was completely warm during the cold NYC weather in this Lola dress. I believe the fabric is a sweater fleece, with stretch (YAY) that I purchased on my trek to San Francisco to meet the gorgeous Leila.



There isn’t much I really need to say about Lola that you probably don’t already know. Right?  This is indeed a super fast sew, especially if you have a serger. I sergered everything except for the top-stitching on the pockets and  stitching down the triangle. You can honestly make this dress in a day.



The next one I make, you can be sure there will be a next, I would like to make it in a lighter weight knit. That why I can wear it more often in SoCal’s warm weather. I think the next version I will go down in size. You can see that I have a lot of extra fabric in that upper back area. I would also like to make an adjustment in the sleeve/sleeve band. For some reason, the 3/4 sleeves bands are always too big, like in my Renfrew. Perhaps my arms are a lot smaller than the rest of my body suggests. I dunno.



Obviously, one of my favorite features about Lola is the pockets. They are so huge, I think I misplace my ring in one of the pockets. I DID find it before it ended up in the washer.

That’s where I put my phone!

If you want a fast, simple, yet cute dress, you should definitely check out Lola and make her up. The directions are pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. Here are some more pictures from the photo shoot. Mostly silliness.


Big pockets = more storage


Come on, get in there!!


I think I got this


Success! Mwahaha


Okay, let’s be serious now.


Nope, never mind!

I got caught by a coworker shortly after this picture. He said he sensed booty shoots were going down, which was true. There is a series of shoots of me touching my booty.

I am still working on my Jekyll and Hyde project for school. I think my teacher is finally starting to see my vision. She gave me a big hug the other day because she was happy I was in her class and that my project was so different from everyone else. Tonight I have class, and I plan to work on the drafting the facing for the jacket, then, cut out my top and sew it up. I also need to drop into JoAnn’s to find some fabric to test the fit on the pants. So much to do. The school is having a fashion show towards the end of May. I have to submit an application to be in it and hopefully, I get selected. I think my piece is interesting enough to be including. Wish me luck.

Okay, I am going to end this post here. Up next will be my NYC/L.A. trip post. It’s gotten so wordy, that I am about to delete it and start over. Okay, until next time.

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32 thoughts on “Run Lola Run

  1. I love the dress, but I love the bonus pictures more! That looks so super cosy, and I love the seaming in it. I have the same problem with arms on patterns, perhaps it’s a bust related issue?

    • Thank you. LOL, yeah had to add silliness. I have tried to abuse those big pockets.
      Maybe, a bust issue. If I were a B cup with the same measurements, I suspect that my arms would be large and probably fit better.

  2. Love ThE Dress!!! tThe Pockets And Details Like The Princess Seam On The bodice Made It Extra Awesome. I just Made Me A Sweater Dress Too, But Something Possessed Me To Cut ThE Hem.AsymmetricallY And Too Short! Bahh!!!#

    Hope You Get Selected For The Fashion Show!! :)

  3. what an adorable comfy travel dress. I’m going to have to check it out, since I travel alot and am always looking something that is comfortable.

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