Sew Red October


Yeah I know, it is not October anymore, we have moved on to November. But I am allow to hold on a little bit to October, it is my favorite month. Except for the allergy part.

I did finish this blouse in October, but did not get to photograph it until November. The interesting part is that I started this blouse back in May 2011. I think time ran out, this was my second garment of the semester. The cool thing was when I decided to work on it again, all the tissue fitting/adjustments and cutting the pieces out were done. Tho, I do think i was supposed to do a fabric fitting. Oh well.


So the pattern I am using is McCall’s M5661. I cut out a size 16 and did a 3/4″ FBA then I lowered the FBA dart 1.25″. I ended up moving that dart to the neck pleats. I also did a sway back and made the seam allowance 1″. Beside the fit adjustments I made this pattern without a belt and I went with snaps instead of button/holes. I used pearl snaps for the pattern and kind of aligned it with the guide. Since this was my first time installing snap, they might not be perfectly in line. I really don’t like making machine buttonholes, so hence the snaps.


My favorite part of this top is the sleeves. I love cool sleeve treatments. Even puffy sleeves. It was fun making these sleeves. I think everyone should try a hand at fun sleeves.


My least favorite things about this shirt are the silly front facing, the pool above my bust and that I can hulk out a little in this top.  If I bend over or flex my back, the second snap unleashes. I feel like Bruce Banner (The Hulk). So this top will be worn on an easy movement day, which actually doesn’t exist. HA.  Okay, more like not in heavy rotation unless I want to show off my upper back muscles.

Now for a little silliness. I wasn’t too much in the mood for taking picture, plus I was heading up to L.A. in a few hours so I had to be quick. So most of my pictures are side views. Did I mention I forgot to pack my shoes. I am wearing running sneakers? Yeah, I was kind of worn out.



I have decided that I am going to try to complete an UFO in my collection each month until they are gone. This does not include stuff that I have no interest in anymore. It happens. This month, I am planning to finish my Sewaholic Minoru Jacket. Does anyone remember that. Yeah, didn’t think so. Lol

I also have some exciting new projects underway, so stay tuned.

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24 thoughts on “Sew Red October

  1. I LOVE that last picture of you – and red is most certainly your colour! The shot of your back doesn’t seem tight or strained at all, I think you must have some prissy snaps, because the fit looks awesome. Perhaps some reinforcing hooks and eyes could help?

    • Lol, the one of me amusing my photographer.
      Might be the snaps though they do take a bit of energy for me to get them apart. I kinda of have muscular back. I have some tasteful art photos of my back and most people thinks it’s a guys back. Then again, that button might be a little to far over, the fabric was shifting while I was trying to install tho sucks.

  2. I like those sleeves too! They remind me of a flower. The front facing is interesting – maybe this pattern works best with a drapey fabric. I was just thinking that 2013 is nearly over and I have stuff I’ve made that I haven’t blogged about. I hope to catch up before the year’s over. Good luck with your UFOs!

  3. I like this dress on you. I have this pattern too and have made this top. I don’t like the back buttons because you need to have someone button you up and out. For subsequent looks, I used a zipper on the side. It seems to help

  4. Holy Moly! You look HOT in red!! I’m also a fan of those sleeves! What a great pattern! And, you know, we all have to Hulk out a little sometimes, so I say wear the top as often as you want. Imagine your co-workers faces when they come to you with annoying problems and you just start flexing your back muscles and they hear that “POP”!! Ahhh… priceless…

    • I think I just turned pink. Thanks
      Those sleeves are the main reason I got this pattern, they are awesome and super easy. I recently started pinning sleeve treatments… Must make my sleeve block soon. It’s gonna be a sleeve party.
      LOL, I think they would have a heart attack, the guys already know not to mess with me. Tho I should do that to my one co-worker/pal, he likes to test me.

  5. I love those sleeves too and I love red on you :) Kudos to you for giving snaps a try and they look pretty good to me, I’ve never tried using them before so they’ll definitely have to be something I try at some stage.

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